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  • New albums and all time classics
  • Exclusive material from the artists
  • Live Festival streaming
  • Artists Profiles
  • Option Talks podcast
  • CAA archive
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Catalytic Soundstream Streaming service


CS Radio

Catalytic Sound Radio (CS Radio) presents a shifting assortment of records chosen by Catalytic artists and staff. A selection of classics from the Catalytic Sound catalog, updated monthly.


Artists Profiles

A selection of material by each CS artist, featuring exclusive videos including Catalytic Sound Festival presentations, a mixtape and old and new releases.


Catalytic Artist Albums

The complete and ongoing series of member-exclusive monthly digital releases. Explore music from the Catalytic Artist Album (CAA) label.


Option Talks

Option Talks showcases conversations and recordings from Experimental Sound Studio’s OPTION concert series, an ongoing music salon curated by Chicago musicians Andrew Clinkman, Lily Finnegan, and Ken Vandermark.


Exclusive Collaboration

Recordings from the whole co-op that focuses on collaborations between musicians in the collective, or their work with younger, up and coming players.


Flying Aspidistra

Flying Aspidistra was a CDR label started in the mid’00’s to release selected improvised music recordings involving Fred Lonberg-Holm.


Aerophonic Digital

Digital-only releases featuring archival recordings from established ensembles as well as recordings by ad-hoc pairings or lesser-known groups by Dave Rempis.


Andy Moor’s Dog Faced Hermans

Dog Faced Hermans formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1986, and later moved to Amsterdam. The band was closely associated with The Ex. A mix of energetic post punk, African music, No Wave, Free Jazz and improvisation. They grew out the scene of angular noisy guitar bands in the UK They disbanded in 1995, with members moving on to projects including Rhythm Activism, The Ex, Kletka Red, Two Pin Din.



Exclusive videos and performances from the Catalytic artists.

Soundstream Membership Plans

Catalytic Soundstream offers several plans so you can choose the best one for your needs. Subscribe to Catalytic Soundstream today and select from several payment options. You can easily change the plan or cancel it at any time.

Save 20% and 2 months money by paying yearly.

Soundstream Basic

$ 5.00

Per month billed monthly


Soundstream 2.0 – (audio only)
Soundstream Basic membership includes:

  • CS Radio
  • Artists Profiles (audio only)
  • CAA archive
  • Option Talks
  • Exclusive Collaboration Series, featuring the music of Catalytic artists working together and with young artists (first curator: Joe Morris)

Soundstream Plus

$ 10.00

Per month billed monthly


Soundstream 2.0 – (audio and video)
Includes everything in Soundstream Basic incorporating high quality videos

  • Artists Profiles (audio and video)
  • CS Festival archive
  • Live Festival streaming
  • Exclusive video material from the artists
7-day free trial

Full Membership

$ 25.00

Per month billed monthly


Soundstream 2.0 – (audio and video)
Includes everything in Soundstream Plus, and more features including exclusive physical items and discounts, such as:

  • A tote bag or t-shirt
  • Catalytic Quarterly (physical edition)
  • Sale discounts (regular 10% off [think free shipping!], Summer 20%, and Holiday 25%)
  • Two digital albums per month
  • Each new CAA edition as a digital download
  • Exclusive items just for members (like the CSF poster)
  • Advance notice on special items

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Soundstream About

The music streaming industry makes over ten billion dollars each year selling music made by millions of artists. Despite their immense reliance on the creativity and labor of musicians, streaming companies pay artists almost nothing, and treat musicians as cogs in a content-productive machine.

The Catalytic Soundstream is just one of our many solutions to this systemic imbalance. As an artist owned and curated subscription-based streaming service, Catalytic Sound pays its co-op musicians ½ of net income generated through listeners’ subscriptions. Each month, subscribers will enjoy a constantly shifting set of albums and videos on the Soundtream.

By subscribing today, listeners will be actively helping to advance the development of this innovative music streaming service built for independent artists and providing an equitable source of income for the co-op musicians that contribute to the platform’s unique creative spirit and ever-evolving content stream.

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